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Welcome to DP Technologies Website


DP Technologies is one of the outstanding professional firms in technology industry that discharges its duties with the highest degree of integrity. We deliver on site Information Technology (IT), Multimedia and Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Biogas and Mini/Micro Hydro) services to companies, organizations, institutions and individuals.

We also supply computers and accessories, office equipment, stationery, Renewable Energy equipment and accessories and many other general supplies at very affordable costs without compromising quality.

DP Technologies has a team of well qualified professionals with the appropriate credentials in diverse fields to meet the quality needs of the customers in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Mission Statement

DP Technologies exists to promote all the technological dimensions of Malawi to the modern Tecno-World standard at a pace and rate at which it changes and help the unemployed youth in Malawi to exploit their potential through job creation and carrier guidance trainings mainly forcusing on entrepreneurship as the way out of their current situation and achieving sustainable development.


DP Technologies envisions one of the technologically leading countries-(Malawi), in Africa and internationally.

Professional listings

We offer the following services and train people who would like to gain expertise in the same:


  • Computer network installation, management and maintenance (Networking)
  • Website Designing and development
  • Web hosting
  • Software development
  • Installation of Video surveillance cameras
  • Multimedia (Graphic designing, video shooting and  editing)
  • Training in QuickBooks, Sage, Stata and many other packages.
  • Computer repair, maintenance and other IT services.
  • Consultancy services
  • Licenced antivirus supply, installation and management.


  • Solar system installations (Lighting, water heating, water pumping)
  • Wind electric energy system designing and installation
  • Biogas electric energy system designing and installation
  • Mini/Micro Hydro power.